Parallel Persia (w. Sote)

Music Video, Album Cover - 2019

The video depicts an abstract journey along the spinal cord, where the geometric shapes transform to architectural objects and later evolve to the human body and face.The visual identity of this clip was based on the album cover that I had designed based on Leila Hobooty's paintings.

This music video was premiered on Boilerroom's 4:3 platform on May 2019.

Music: Ata Ebtekar (Sote)
Vocals: Arash Bolouri
Tar: Pouya Damadi
Poem: Abu-Sa’id Abolkhayr
Model : Sophy

"Parallel Persia" is the electro-acoustic album of Sote (Ata Ebtekar) released on Diagonal Records.
I had the privilege to design an Album cover as well as a music video for one of the tracks of the album, namely 'Brass Tacks'.

For the album cover, based on Leila Hobooty's paintings and inspired by Iranian architecture, I designed patterns using parallel lines to reveal various parts of the painting.

Ata Ebtekar aka Sote is an electronic music composer and sound artist based in Tehran, Iran. In the past 20 years, his music has been published by various companies, such as Warp Records, Sub Rosa, Morphine, Repitch and Opal Tapes among others.

Brass Tacks Music Video

Parallel Persia Album Cover