My name is Pedram Sadegh-Beyki, I’m an Iranian visual artist, creative coder and animator.

Born on 1992 in Tehran, I studied animation and VFX in Tehran Institute of Technology.

After three years of studying animation and working as a freelance animator and VFX artist, I became more interested in the technical aspects of computer graphics and started to study programming which led me to the world of generative arts and new media.

Since 2015, under the alias of “Pitheorem” I’ve started to create algorithmic art works and had collaborated with various artists.I'm continuing to work as freelance animator, technical artist and VFX artist in commercial and fictional animation and motion graphics projects.

PiTHEOREM is my ongoing algorithmic art collection where I design and develop artworks based on geometric algorithms in a variety of mediums such as Video Art, Interactive Media, Installation, Performance, Graphic Design, etc.

In this practice, I like to explore the intersection of art, geometry and spirituality to depict the beauty of chaotic order beneath universe, nature, mind and spirit.

Various subjects such as Sacred Geometry, Symbology, Mythology, Psychology, Philosophy, Theology and Sacred Art, especially Islamic Art are my main sources of inspiration in my practice.

The name Pitheorem was derived from the concept of transcendental number Pi and infinity within the Circle.

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