Flatland Project

Audio-Visual Projection Mapping, Interactive Installation, Poster - 2017

"Flatland Project" was a group exhibition, curated by Golbarg Barzin which was based on the book "Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions" authored by Edwin A.Abbott.

In this project, 8 artists, each skilled in a different art media, have created their art works by substantiating their interpretation of the book.

This exhibition took place in April 2017, at Shirin Art Gallery in Tehran.

For this exhibition, I designed the poster and alongside Farshad Xajehnassiri aka Tarxun, we developed two audio-visual installations based on two different parts of the book; a projection mapping and an interactive audio-visual installation.

For the video-mapping installation, I created a 23 minute video of 16 concentric hexagons, moving and distorting based on the music composed by Tarxun. then the visuals were projected onto a constructed wooden piece of three (corner) faces of a cube, while the music was playing through the speakers of the salon.

For the interactive piece, we invited an audience of one to put on a headphone and speak into a microphone in front of them in order to speak,hear and see the influence of his/her sole existence through his/her own sound.
Tarxun worked out a setup for sound processing where the audio coming from microphone, was manipulated through Ableton Live and sent back to the headphones.
For the visuals, I developed a real-time generative program in Processing, where it used the incoming OSC sound data from Ableton and generated concentric shapes which was displaying through the monitor.

"What you call solid things are really superficial. What you call space is really nothing but a great plane.
I am in space, and look down upon the insides of the things of which you only see the outsides."

- Chapter 17 -

"It fills all space, and what it fills, it is. what it thinks, that it utters. and what it utters, that it hears. and itself is thinker, utterer, hearer, thought, word, audition.
It is the one, and yet the all in all.
ah, the happiness
ah, the happiness of being!"

- Chapter 20 -

Projection Mapping Audio-Visual Installation
Interactive Audio-Visual Installation
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