Audio-Visual Performance - 2017

Metamorphosis is a thirty-minute audio-visual live performance in collaboration with Farshad Xajehnassiri aka Tarxun whom composed the music for this piece in experimental electronic genre.

The concept is about the phenomena of "metamorphosis" and the transformation of form and spirit.

As a Visual Artist, I developed a real-time generative particle system in Processing (with about 1800 lines of code) where the particles were affected by the sound data and manual controllers which I used to control various parameters of the algorithm which is constantly changing its structure due to the various phases of the whole performance.

* Performed events:
- SET Festival | Jan.2017 | Tehran, Iran
- House No.4 : Days of experimental music | Feb.2017 | Tehran, Iran
- Limited Access Festival 7 (Closing Ceremony) | April.2017 | Tehran, Iran
- ACUD MACHT NEU | June.2018 | Berlin , Germany