Audio-Visual Experience - 2016

Ouroboros is an audio-visual video-art in collaboration with Farshad Xajehnassiri aka Tarxun whom is an experimental electronic composer.

For the visuals, I developed an algorithm to generate particles from a single point constrained to a circular path. the particles motion and effects was later animated and synchronized with the recorded original music which was composed based on a single note of guitar playing over and over.

"Ouroboros" is an ancient symbol with the same name, depicting an immortal serpent eating its own tail, constantly recreating itself in a circle, representing the circular nature of the universe and time: death-rebirth, creation-destruction, love-hate, spring-winter, yin-yang, the eternal dance of the cosmos.

This work was presented as an audio-visual installation at the Tehran Annual Digital Art Exhibition 2016 'TADAEX06' in Tehran, Iran. For the installation, we projected the visuals on a semi-transparent silk screen.

This work has been awarded an honorable mention in London International Creative Competition 2016.