Audio-Visual Performance - 2018

Audible:Visions is an audio-visual live performance in collaboration with experimental rock band named “Obad” where we seek to create an atmosphere on the borders between the Obscurity and the obvious, through the abstract language of sounds and forms.

The music of Obad is experimental and the influence of 1970’s progressive rock and minimal music can be heard in the compositions of the band.

Band consists of
Hamidreza Keshvar-Pajuh: Saxophone
Siavash Karimi: Guitar
Kiarash Radmehr: Bass
Farid Farzian-Pour: Drums

On November 2018, This performance was presented by House No.4 in the 8th edition of Tehran Annual Digital Art Exhibition "TADAEX08" at Ava Center in Tehran, Iran.

As the visual performing artist, my main goal was to generate abstract and often organic forms, in order to transcend familiar images or atmosphere of nature instead of explicitly illustrating them with all details.
For the performance, I coded a real-time generative program in the ‘Processing’ where different lines and curves are generated and altered manually from my controllers rather than being automated by music data.